Random videogame cards

Alpha, Beta and Gamma, the Magnet Warriors
Three cards included with the Yugi-oh: Duelists of the Roses game.
One angry Buu
Card included with a DBZ controller, out of a set of four I believe.
The middle one is indeed Dante and Trish
Five Viewtiful Joe trading cards from a Capcom gift package. They’re possibly the only five cards in the set – I recieved ten packs with these exact same five cards in each of them.
I'm 5/9ths of my way there
Thousand Arms trading cards – for seven or so years, I’ve been trying to build the complete collection. Why? Because I haven’t anything better to do. Here’s five out of the nine cards needed to complete a picture. Here’s the thing – I have exactly two copies of each of those five cards, but none of the other four needed.
Thousand Arms summoned monsters
The backs of the previous cards, which depicts the monsters you can summon in the game. Spoiler ahead. Even the hardcore Thousand Arms fans (all four of you) might not recognize the last one. That’s Sodina.
Thousand Arms anime cards
Thousand Arms trading cards depicting the anime cutscenes in the game.
Thousand Arms cards
Random Thousand Arms cards.



  1. Hardcore Thousand Arms fans do recognize the last one. That’s not Sodina, it’s Nelsha in her Disco Dancer costume.

  2. Nope, that’s definitely the summon called Sodine. You are looking at the wrong image. Also, where did you get that Ratchet cart on the bottom!? I neeeeeed it.

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