Soul Calibur 2’s fourth costumes

…which never actually made it into the game, but was included in it’s artbooks. Scroll for some poorly taken shots.
A bunch of variations for Nightmare’s armor.
The first one would actually be her C1
And a bunch for Sophitia’s.
Cheerleader on a mission?
Cassandra’s 4th costume.
Ivy + Dark and mysterious
Ivy’s 4th. Would’ve been her coolest costume.
Yay! Talim!
Talim’s 4th. Flipping hot.



  1. waar is Xianghua??????????????????????

  2. Holy,god. That’s so awesome. My friend has this game ,but we never found out their 3rd or 4th appearance.Sweet,by the way.

  3. P.S.

    Awesome , but but what’s up with that xianghua fan girl.She even spelled waar wrong.It’s spelled W E R E, remember that now.

  4. It’s spelled W H E R E, not W E R E. Good job crapping out on spelling/grammar patrol.

    They probably left out some of the costumes due to issues with the release date or maybe the consoles couldn’t handle them or something. Probably the former.

  5. hI! ohh please! i wonna buy this artbook too! were i buy?._.

  6. If I had a greenback for every time I came to Amazing writing!

  7. I think you should include Spawn and Link photos

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