Top Five: Worst pieces of Dynasty Warriors voice-acting

1. “This victory shall belong to Wuuuuuuuuuuu!” – Zhou Yu (DW3)
Whoever did this voiceover was probably drunk, tired and on a mission to mock himself.

2. “Feel the power of my mmmaaaagggggiiiiccccc….” – Zhang Bao (DW3)
It’s not just that. He does a hand jive, too. It’s magic.

3. “Moo.” – Xu Huang (DW3)
I’m sure he says something like this whenever he’s hit in battle. Not “ouch”, but “moo”.

4. “Our enemies are sassy little brats aren’t they?” – Liu Yong (DW3)
Xiao Qiao is pretty sassy though.

5. “The end is near!” – Generic officer (DW5)
Quite possibly the most passionless cheer you’ll ever hear. It’s like something a Knicks dancer would say.


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