Random videogame cards

Alpha, Beta and Gamma, the Magnet Warriors
Three cards included with the Yugi-oh: Duelists of the Roses game.
One angry Buu
Card included with a DBZ controller, out of a set of four I believe.
The middle one is indeed Dante and Trish
Five Viewtiful Joe trading cards from a Capcom gift package. They’re possibly the only five cards in the set – I recieved ten packs with these exact same five cards in each of them.
I'm 5/9ths of my way there
Thousand Arms trading cards – for seven or so years, I’ve been trying to build the complete collection. Why? Because I haven’t anything better to do. Here’s five out of the nine cards needed to complete a picture. Here’s the thing – I have exactly two copies of each of those five cards, but none of the other four needed.
Thousand Arms summoned monsters
The backs of the previous cards, which depicts the monsters you can summon in the game. Spoiler ahead. Even the hardcore Thousand Arms fans (all four of you) might not recognize the last one. That’s Sodina.
Thousand Arms anime cards
Thousand Arms trading cards depicting the anime cutscenes in the game.
Thousand Arms cards
Random Thousand Arms cards.


Soul Calibur 2’s fourth costumes

…which never actually made it into the game, but was included in it’s artbooks. Scroll for some poorly taken shots.
A bunch of variations for Nightmare’s armor.
The first one would actually be her C1
And a bunch for Sophitia’s.
Cheerleader on a mission?
Cassandra’s 4th costume.
Ivy + Dark and mysterious
Ivy’s 4th. Would’ve been her coolest costume.
Yay! Talim!
Talim’s 4th. Flipping hot.

Doom II strategy guide

Some time ago, I was in Atlantic City and took refuge from some violent rain in a 99 cents store. Among the shelves of generic toothpaste and likely expired food was a stack of 100+ strategy guides for Doom II. It’s easily one of the most poorly written strategy guides I’ve seen, but for a buck, it’s no loss. Random relevant/irrelevant quotes from the book:

Doom 2 strategy guideThe Marine Corps believe that your personal hygiene and overall health is critical to battlefield performance.

Be there … aloha.

For enhanced speed and better play value overall, a 486 or Pentium system with at least 8 megabytes of RAM is recommended.

Can I get an UUURAH, Drill Sergeant?
Uurah, Drill Sergeant.

Turn back toward the room with the toxic waste.

Next you will see four more Nazis coming out of the hallway to the south.

John Romero: You are not going to believe Quake. Quake is going to be an industry when it comes out.
Ed Dille: [Grunt of disbelief.]