Phoenix Revolution

phoenixcontrol.jpgThe Phoenix Revolution controller is advertised on it’s unique feature that allows you to customize your modular setup. While it’s a nice feature, I doubt anyone would switch any of the modules out of their regular positions, with the possible exception of the D-pad and left analog.

The Revolution also has two other features unique to it. One of them is a switch that, when turned on, inverts the up and down directions on the right analog. This feature probably has it’s uses in some FPS or flight simulator games, though one would assume most of these games have an in-game invert option anyways.

The last (and most useful) of the Revolution’s features is the ability to adjust the analog sticks’ resistance with just a simple twist of the sticks. A fighting game would call for a loose analog for better motion control, while a tighter analog would be better for RPGs. With some games (I’m thinking just shooters, actually), you might even want to change the stiffness in mid-game while switching weapons.

The Revolution’s current going price is about $15, lower than the majority of PS2 controllers.


In The Hunt

In The HuntSystem: Sony PlayStation
Developer: Xing Entertainment
Release Date: September 1996

In The Hunt is your basic scrolling shooter, but unlike most shooters which puts you in control of a plane, this one places you in a submarine underwater. There isn’t much depth here – the game consists of only six fairly short stages, and there’s only two weapons (a horizontal attack and a vertical attack) with two upgrades available for each. The most unique part of the game is that some stages take place in shallow water, and you’ll have to battle aerial enemies as well as the ones that are also present underwater. The vertical attack also changes when used above water – usually from a missile to a machine gun. Stages also have obstacles reminiscent of the earlier scrolling adventure games like Mega Man, which is a nice feature since it gives you something to handle besides crowds of enemies.

There’s actually two modes of play – “Arcade” and “PlayStation”, but the only difference is that the latter has an extra power-up, which is basically a shield that will take one hit in place of your ship.

I know some gamers who found this game charming, but unless you’re a real old-school gamer, In The Hunt is too short and lacking to be worth playing.